5 Secrets To Winning On Slot Machines

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Who better to learn some tips than listen the author and editor of the American Casino Guide. Steve and Matt Bourie run a YouTube channel called The Jackpot Gents and have almost 200,0000 subscribers. To add to their clout, this particular video, which inspired me to write this post, has 1.8 million views in 2 years. Let’s get stuck into their top 4 secrets on winning on slot machines.


Most people who go to the casino will play slots. In fact, almost 70% of the casino revenue comes from slots. Let’s face it we all know how slots work, but what we want to know is how to win more often. Basics: A slot machine is just a computer that’s made to pay out less money than it takes. That’s in the long run, as we know, anything can happen in the short run. In the long run you’re not going to win money unless you are a cheat. Learn these handy tips which will make your money last longer which means you have more chance of hitting the jackpot which is probably the difference between winning and losing when you play on the slots.

1) Always Join The Players Club

I must admit, I’ve never heard of this before. It sounds like a lot of people are against joining the Players Club. However, for all the bad publicity this isn’t true. The casino has the house edge so they know long term they will win. The good side to joining the Players Club is that you will get a lot of bonuses, which means you have better value and makes it worth it. This allows you to cut down the casino edge. If you love playing slots you need a way of cutting the house edge which steals all your money. They will often give you free spins which gives you an advantage and make your play last longer. The Players Club lets the casino know how much money you have played and they can rebate some of that back to you. In addition, you get gifts and other freebies, show tickets, buffet, hotel rooms, meals and all sorts of stuff. You won’t get this if you haven’t joined.

2) Set A Budget

Wise words from the father and son here. Let’s imagine you go to Vegas with the thought of gambling $1,000. The worst thing you could do is lose that money in the first day of your week on the Strip. It happens. Be realistic with the budget you set. You really don’t want to be playing $5 slot machines on a limited budget. Think about how fast your money will go. You may be better off playing nickel or penny slot machines. Remember gambling, for most people, is entertainment. Playing slots you have the thrill of the experience. On the good side, you might win money. Have some fun but be realistic about it and set a budget and stick to it like glue.

3) Don’t Bet The Max Coins

Being a novice, I have no idea what this means. You may want to bet the max coins if you are playing one of the progressive slots and it has millions up for grabs. If not, you are building up that pot for someone else to win. It could be the difference between winning $10M and $1000. Just for the sake of a dollar. Sadly it has happened to some punters. Imagine that happening to you. It would be pretty upsetting. Bet enough to be eligible for the bonus rounds. You might not need to bet max coin to get this but it’s worth remembering. If you cover the pay lines it’s usually enough to get the bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are good because you are not betting any money Also, you need this to get the highest payback on the slot machine. It differs from machine to machine how you get to these bonus rounds. If you are not sure, go into the game rules and look.

4) Speed Kills

The faster you player the machine the more you lose. So you need to find ways to slow the game down. That’s to do with your behaviour not the machine. Slowing down your game play is a good idea. As the young man in the video says: ‘Playing a slot machine is a negative expectation game.’ You shouldn’t expect to win but you can hope. In the long run, you are guaranteed to lose money. You may be playing a slot with 90% payback, which means when you run through your money you will lose 10%. That’s $100 if you go through your grand. The difference in the rate of play can be quite considerable. You could spend from $100 an hour to $500 on a dollar machine. You’re getting more spins but your money may not last so long. It won’t unless you get a few wins. If you think by pressing the button faster or slower makes a difference to your winning. It doesn’t. When you press the button the random number generator clicks into action. Just let the reels spin as it will slow your play and make your money last longer. The worst thing you can do is play two machines at once. Not only can’t to pay attention to both you are losing money fast. Also to slow the game down go partners with someone so you are rooting for each other. Half the winnings but double the time playing.

5) Caveat

Remember playing slot machines in a casino is for entertainment. It’s like going to a concert where you spend $200. If you see people in the casino they will be doing all manner of superstitious things like knocking before hitting the spin button, wearing their lucky tie or whatever you think works. In the long run, that’s not going to make any difference to your winning or losing. You really shouldn’t be in a casino playing slots and being miserable. You should have fun doing it. If you are having fun you should save your money and go home.