A Statistical Review Of Deaths In Las Vegas

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

Las Vegas. Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially if you die while on vacation. Not the most appealing thought. There’s you ready for your holiday. Flying to Nevada. Cash on the hip. Room with a view. Perhaps you have lost all your cash before your demise. You may be held up at gunpoint or beaten to a pulp by a pimp of a prostitute. It’s possible you lost your life’s saving and jumped to your death from the balcony view or blew your brains out with a gun. Some people live life to the full in Las Vegas, while others take their last mortal breath. Let’s take a look at the statistics of the great and the good of deaths in the place where gambling is a new religion.

How Many Deaths In Las Vegas?

In 2014 there were over 40 million visitors who headed to Las Vegas to gamble like never before, enjoy the strip, entertainment and all that stuff. I have images of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas which taints my mind as a destination for those who want a quiet life. Almost a decade back, Clark County coroner’s office, about 1100 visitors die while in Las Vegas each year. What are the betting odds on that happening to you? In truth, 1100 from 40 million doesn’t sound too bad but it isn’t if you are one of the few who are deceased or leave your family behind wondering what happened. Perhaps these finding with help bring some light on the matter.

The Result Of Accident

I don’t know whether betting a lot of money makes punters clumsy, complacent or prone to falling over balconies but the number of accidents is set an incredible rate. In fact, 67% of the total 1100 died by accident. That’s 737 who died because of an accident. Isn’t a 737 a plane? Not sure if anyone crashed out in a light aircraft or a helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon. I guess that’s happened to a few. I wonder what the general average of deaths in the population is via accident because this seems incredibly high.

Self Inflicted

Sadly some 15% of annual deaths in Las Vegas come from suicide. That means 165 people take their life. We should take some time to consider how people find themselves in such a position they simply give up on life. Especially when they are on vacation, a time most people relax, enjoy life, perhaps with family and friends. But for whatever reason, and their may be many, they become overwhelmed, feel lost, disillusioned to their ultimate demise. This may be due to problem gamblers, substance abuse and financial problems. In the US the most common method of suicide is shooting, overdose, hanging and one of the least likely jumping to their death. Most suicides are impulse decisions and preventable.


You don’t just need to worry about your own well-being but your safety. A scary 11% of deaths in Las Vegas are due to homicide. That’s 121 poor souls who lost their life a the hands of someone. Murder is a dirty word in Las Vegas and some researchers have suggested bad publicity is kept from the press. Even more strange, no cause of death could be found in 6% of deaths.


Las Vegas is a brilliant holiday destination for people across the globe. But along with the good times and possibility of winning there are, as all places, concerns with crime and the impact of gambling on your well-being. The vast majority of tourists have the time of their life and return raving about their experience. Sadly, over 1000 tourists every years do not come home through death whether accident, suicide or homicide. While others are a mystery with no cause of death.