Betting Like Your Uncle

The sad fact about life is that the older you get the less uncles you have left. I have a few left, well a couple, from my mum’s side of the family, Uncle Alan and Chris. They aren’t really into their gambling beyond the lottery, scratch cards and Grand National. It proves they do gamble which is something. My Dad’s side were much more into their gambling. They would have a decent bet. This was back in the 70s onwards, but not beyond the 80s. Uncle Keith, Roy & Fred would go to the Eastern Festival at Great Yarmouth. They loved their horse racing and come sun or high water they would be on the Norfolk coast every September. It’s the reason why we go every year as a Merry Pilgrimage to enjoy three days of horse racing but remember and pay respect to those loved ones who are sadly gone.

How wonderful it would be to go back in time and just watch my Dad and family enjoy themselves. Without doubt, they knew how to enjoy themselves.

I have little doubt I wouldn’t have gambled if it wasn’t for my father. I don’t regret his influence in that department at all as it has been a real blessing. It turned into a passion and my livelihood.

Sadly, my father passed away in 1998 aged 62. Life is so unfair as he was such a hard worker and if anyone deserved a decent retirement it was him. It wasn’t to be. I would gladly have given decades of my life for him to have got to 82. Make sure you give yourself time to enjoy life because it isn’t a given any of us will be here tomorrow.

My Uncle Roy had even less luck in life passing away in his early 40s of a heart attack. He was such a lovely man. I remember Dad coming home and telling us the terrible news. The first person from our family I had lost. I went to bed that night feeling as if part of me had gone. It crushed my heart. Roy loved to play on the fruit machines and I used to be by his side pressing the buttons. I couldn’t help but collect every win while he liked to gamble until I pressed it once too many times and I got told off. He used to save his change all year so when we went on holiday to Caister-on-sea (the same time Dad would be going to the races at Yarmouth) so we would have plenty of money for our sessions in the arcades. As they say, all the fun of the fair.

Bitter sweet memories.

In the latter years I used to go visit my Uncle Keith and Auntie Pam. They lived together because my aunt was widowed and my uncle a bachelor. Many thought they were man a wife. It was truly lovely to go round there’s on a Saturday morning and chat away over a cup of tea. My cousin Danny would turn up to add to the fun making us smile with his stories. It was an absolute pleasure to be in their company. Sadly, my aunt and uncle have passed away. They both lived into their 80s and made the best of their life without really spreading their wings.

Lovely people.

Uncle Keith used to take part in my Saturday Horse Racing Tipster Competition. In fact, aunt Pam did too. Keith would pick his selection and I would pick one out for my aunt. It cost £10 an entry and about 20 punters played. It was competitive but fun. I’m not sure my uncle won but I had a win or two for my aunt.

Uncle Keith used to like a bet on the horses. He couldn’t get his head round the fact that some people can beat the bookies. And he would let me pick his selections for a win or each way Yankee. And I made him money. It used to annoy me a little when he used to smile as though he was certain I couldn’t make my betting pay. But he came round with a few wins. He was such a lovely man that in my older years, when opinions are just opinions and nothing personal, it would simply make me smile. It was a sad day when my uncle and then aunt passed away.

I remember my Aunt Pam saying after Keith passed: ‘You will keep coming round, won’t you?’

It almost brought me to tears.

I went round every day and helped her and kept her company. Such a lovely lady. I was was with her when she passed away in hospital saying how thankful I was for all that was good. The doctor came into the room after Pam passed away and asked if I had any questions.

I said: ‘No, I’m just sorry she had gone.’

He touched my arm with understanding and left the room.

I left Addenbrooke Hospital the next morning to see the house martins flying from nest sites on a building wall. I was a sign from all saying: ‘Life is harsh but beautiful, and it goes on.’

I wish I could go back in time to those days of innocence. Days where I didn’t know what I had until it was gone. Perhaps that was a blessing. Perhaps not. But it was a fact. I am proud to say I am a betting man like my uncles.

When my cousins and brothers, and friends, meet at Great Yarmouth’s Eastern Festival this September I will look to the grandstand and say: ‘Thank you. I love you all.’

Photo: At the Lord Nelson Public House, March, Cambs. (friend, Dad, uncle Roy)

Why Have A Betting Niche

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Perhaps one of the greatest weaknesses I see with most gamblers is that they bet on everything. You may say: ‘Well, I enjoy betting on football, horse racing, golf and whatever tickles my fancy.

Good for you.

However, there is a negative to such understanding. And, importantly, that can relate to money, losing money. You may bet for fun, but I really would advise against it and if you do make sure you keep a tight grip on your money. Losing a lot of money isn’t fun, it’s brainless.

So back to the niche.

It’s important to have a niche because there isn’t time or need to know everything. You won’t know everything about each of your betting loves. You will be the Jack of all trades and master of none and that will never see you winning anything other than the wooden spoon. You will not know more than the layers and that is bad news. You have to ask yourself: ‘Do I want to be an expert in my sport of choice or just another bloke who doesn’t know much but thinks they know everything.’ Don’t fool yourself. You cannot know everything. I specialise within two-year-old horse racing and there is hardly enough time to do that justice. The thought of doing more is ridiculous. And if you can’t do something right it is just about all wrong. That blind spot will come back to haunt you and drive you to distraction.

It’s not complicated.

Make your choice, find answers to questions and move forward in a professional manner.

Job done.

After thousands of hours of learning if not decades of your life. They say it takes 20,000 hours to become an expert which really is a bare minimum. You never stop learning and should be looking to improve your lot leading up to each new season. As I often say to punters winning and losing isn’t about money it’s about knowledge. You either know more than most or less and your standing will rest on that foundation.

Never forget that point because it will hit you hard.

Also, make your sport your passion. If not, it will be your nemesis. It has to go beyond the thought of making money. That might be your end game (and it should be with all your hard work) but putting money first you will fall short. It shouldn’t be your motivation. You will lose your money, give up on your ambitions and probably hate betting there on. For some, that is the best answer to their question. If you don’t put in the work you don’t deserve the success.

So are you interested in being an above average gambler?

The choice is yours. But please don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s easy to win at gambling. You won’t be beating the layers unless you are up to speed.

If you need to pick your sport, make it your true love. That passion will see you going the extra mile and it really is needed to make a profit.

Nothing is easy.

Why Betting Level Stake Is The Key To Winning

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There is books about everything gambling. The US has a much greater selection of books, titles and authors who know their game. It can be from poker to horse racing. The class A – Z of betting. It’s the same for betting strategies and how to use your bankroll. I would say: ‘If what you are doing is making you money, then you don’t need me to tell you where you are going wrong.’ In fact, I’m pleased to say you are doing something right. Keep up the good work!

This article is going to be short and sweet. It’s going to stick to one subject which realistically is subjective although it could easily be about objective testing and data analysis, quantitative. That’s whether you should bet level stake or not. Perhaps it’s something you have considered or not. You may have a very a betting strategy or strategies. Considering there have been books written on the subject there really is a wealth of information at your hands.

Perhaps there is too much information or you are making you betting over complicated?

I generally find that most aspects of gambling are best kept simply. As the maxim goes: Keep It Simple Stupid.


I always wondered if that was an insult. I guess it depends if you have a comma after Simple.

Simplicity can be a beautiful thing.

You don’t want to make anything complicated for the sake of it, especially gambling. All it will do is mess you up, create more problems, and potentially cost you a fortune.

That’s the thing to remember it is your understanding and method which makes or costs you money and you will appreciate that with time.

So why do I suggest betting level stake?

It’s simple really. If you can pick between your winning selections and confident you can do that with regularity you may be costing yourself dear.

What I’ve found when gambling is it’s very difficult to pick between your bets. That nailed on certainty you bet 5 points fails to shine and that 33/1 shot you bet half a point wins.

Let’s look at the example, above.

£5 at even money = £5 loss

£0.5 win at 33/1 = £16.5 profit

Whereas £5 win at 33/1 would have given a profit of £165.

Now, I know you will be saying: ‘It’s easy after the event!’

So it might be. But you need to note all your bets for the season and assess whether betting level stake would have improved your profits. Perhaps it would have been a terrible idea. The data tells you the story. Perhaps you are a favourites man. Do you still try to pick between your selections? How does that work out? Are you right or wrong the majority of times? Because it still makes a big difference to your success or failure.

If you bet on big priced horses the odds available of the exchanges could see you betting at 100s to one. You get to the point where one of those winning a season at level stake make you a bundle of cash.

Do you really want to be betting on a giant priced horse and winning the same as if it was a 6/4 favourite?

It makes no sense to me at all.

In fact, it is a method and approach that’s going to drive you mad.

The only regrets I have gambling at missed bets which saw giant priced winners go astray. And others when I tried to be too clever and bet a fraction of a level stake and won next to nothing on 100/1 shot.

Question your methods with data.

If you are satisfied with your approach then all good and well but if you haven’t given it much thoughts you may be costing yourself good money.

The Dark Side of Gambling in Las Vegas: Hidden Struggles Beneath the Glittering Lights

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Las Vegas, often referred to as the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” is globally renowned for its dazzling lights, extravagant resorts, and the allure of endless entertainment. However, beneath the facade of glamour and luxury, there exists a dark side of gambling that often goes unnoticed by the casual observer. In this article, we’ll delve into the hidden struggles, social issues, and personal tragedies that are an unfortunate reality in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

Problem Gambling

Problem gambling, often referred to as gambling addiction, is a pervasive issue in Las Vegas. The city’s 24/7 accessibility to casinos and its culture of indulgence can lead many individuals down a dangerous path. Problem gamblers experience a compulsion to gamble, often resulting in financial ruin, strained relationships, and emotional turmoil. The prevalence of gambling addiction in Las Vegas highlights the industry’s ethical and moral challenges.

Financial Ruin

Las Vegas casinos are designed to keep players engaged for as long as possible. The lure of big wins can lead to severe financial consequences for those who can’t resist the temptation. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of individuals who’ve lost their life savings, homes, and livelihoods due to excessive gambling in Las Vegas.

Family and Relationship Problems

Gambling-related issues often spill over into personal relationships. Families can be torn apart when one member struggles with gambling addiction. Trust is eroded, and emotional trauma can have lasting effects on the well-being of loved ones.

Crime and Criminal Activity

The city’s association with gambling also brings a darker aspect to Las Vegas—criminal activity. Some individuals resort to theft, fraud, or other illegal activities to finance their gambling habits or recoup their losses. While Las Vegas has stringent security measures in place, crime remains an unfortunate reality.

Suicidal Tendencies

The desperation stemming from severe gambling losses can lead some individuals to contemplate suicide as a way out. Las Vegas has seen its fair share of tragic incidents where gambling-related despair plays a role in ending lives.

Exploitation of Vulnerable Individuals

Las Vegas casinos often provide complimentary drinks to gamblers. While this may seem like a hospitality gesture, it can lead to the exploitation of vulnerable individuals who may be struggling with addiction or impaired judgment. The casinos’ primary goal is to keep patrons gambling, and free drinks can be a powerful incentive.

Employee Exploitation

The dark side of gambling also extends to the employees working within the casino industry. Many employees face grueling working conditions, including long hours, irregular shifts, and exposure to secondhand smoke. Additionally, some workers may fall victim to unethical labor practices, further highlighting the industry’s underbelly.


Las Vegas, with its glitz and glamour, stands as a testament to the allure of the gambling industry. However, it is vital to remember that beneath the dazzling lights and opulent casinos, there is a dark side that affects countless lives. Problem gambling, financial ruin, family turmoil, crime, and even thoughts of suicide are some of the issues that cast a shadow over the city’s reputation.

While Las Vegas has taken steps to address some of these problems through responsible gambling programs and support services, it remains an ongoing challenge. Recognizing and understanding the dark side of gambling is crucial for individuals, families, and society at large. Ultimately, it serves as a sobering reminder that even in the city where dreams are made, there are those who suffer from the nightmares brought on by the allure of the gamble.

How did the “Monaco Queen” team manage to rig casino roulette wheels and win over $1 million?

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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I am not aware of any specific events or details regarding a group or team called the “Monaco Queen” that managed to rig casino roulette wheels and win over $1 million. It’s possible that this is a relatively recent or obscure incident that occurred after my last update, or it could be a fictional or lesser-known story.

However, in the realm of casino history, there have been instances of individuals or groups attempting to cheat or rig casino games, including roulette. Techniques such as wheel bias analysis, where players try to identify imperfections in the roulette wheel that might cause certain numbers to come up more often than others, have been employed in the past. Some players have also used devices or hidden computers to predict the outcomes of spins.

Casinos take extensive measures to prevent cheating and ensure the fairness of their games, including regularly checking and maintaining their equipment, employing security personnel, and monitoring gameplay for any suspicious activity. If any individual or group were discovered to have rigged a roulette wheel or engaged in cheating, legal action would likely be taken against them.

Please note that my information might not be up to date regarding this specific incident. If the “Monaco Queen” incident occurred after September 2021, I recommend looking for more recent and reliable sources to learn about the details of this event.