Did Someone Steal My Luck?

My friend Eric says: ‘The harder I work the luckier I get.’

He’s correct.

I’m sure he says it tongue in cheek meaning that it really has nothing to do with luck at all. I have little doubt that if you simply rely on luck then you are a loser waiting to happen. I wonder if you watched Stan Lee’s Lucky Man where Harry Clayton was granted the power to control luck with an ancient Chinese bracelet. He went to the casino and won time after time. However, for all the good luck it would level out with an equal measure of bad luck which often happened to those he loved.

Do you or have you ever felt as though someone stole your luck? Its not the kind of thing you hear many people say: ‘He’s stole my luck!’


Someone put me in a machine which squeezed every last drop of luck out of my body. They may have put it in a little bottle, like an exquisite perfume bottle with one of those atomisers. A quick squirt and they run to the casino and fill their pockets with gold. Well, Grosvenor chips, those pink £100s.

I guess that’s Lady Luck. That elusive woman. Perhaps a transvestite called John. Serendipity comes in many shapes and sizes, including a bloke who shaves twice a day.

Saying all that, it does seem that some people – even if from a distance – are born lucky. They just can’t do anything wrong.

Lucky bastard.

You have to smile, hey.

I had a good friend from school who was always lucky. He had a kind of cheating mentality and character (perhaps that was his luck). I lost touch with him and then one day heard he’d become a multi millionaire.

Born lucky. Lucky expletive.

I shouldn’t be mean or disturbed. I don’t think its the green-eyed monster. I love to see people succeed in life. Surely only a loser wants people to lose! I can’t tolerate that mentality.

It’s a losing mentality.

My gambling this year. What can I say without sounding deranged. Without sounding like someone who chats loudly to the devil and angel on each shoulder. Weighing up the pros and cons of life.

This year on the horse racing has been particularly frustrating. Not because I am a bad judge or a natural born loser. I could resign myself to that fact if it was true. However, I have been working well. Have a knowledge which sets me apart from the crowd. But, somehow, it simply hasn’t related to making decent money. I’ve not lost money but neither have I won significant money. It’s like I’m hovering about on the same spot. A place which brings ultimate frustration and annoyance.

What can you say?

If there is something to learn it is best learned.

My brother has had an excellent year and won quite a few thousand pounds. Had weeks where he has won three or four grand. I was happy for him. I’m not saying that just because you are reading!

But I really do feel this season someone has stolen my luck.

I don’t think it is witchcraft or someone poking pins into a voodoo doll, aiming at the pockets.

But it has been a year I would rather forget.

If the luck monster is reading this post then please give me a little bit of luck.

I will share the serendipity with all who need a change of fortune.

Photo: Pixabay (free)