How To You Turn Your Gran Into A Gambling Addict

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Clearly, this is written tongue in cheek. I don’t wish for anyone to become a gambling addict, not even my gran. It couldn’t happen as sadly both my grans have passed away. Nana Polo, passed away in her 60s, while Ivy Wales was in her 80s. Both lovely ladies who loved me. As children, or young adults, we often lack understanding, emotions and take things for granted. Perhaps that’s how it should be. Children act like children. Little terrors, all of them!

Did Your Gran Gamble?

To my knowledge, neither gran gambled. Or at least weren’t a regular gambler. The only time I could imagine my grans betting would be on the housewives’ favourite, the Grand National. Nano Polo would have bet her 50p each way. I don’t think Nana Wales would have bet even if William, Hill had knocked on her door with a free bet. She’d have slammed it in his face and said: ‘You’re not turning me into a gambling addict.’ Certainly, my Dad’s side of the family [Nana Polo-Coote] were more gamblers. In fact, they loved a bet. Probably how it got in my blood. I’m thinking out of the two grans, Nana Polo would have been a potential addict.

What’s Your Fancy?

If my grans bet, it was for fun. Never once did I hear them say they had ambitions to be a professional gambler. I doubt many grandchildren have ever heard the words: ‘I’m an elderly lady but I want to become a professional gambler.’ I guess it can happen but not to me. I never remember my Dad saying his mum was a budding gambler. I know my mum’s mum never drank alcoholic. She liked a glass of bitter lemon which is harsher than most whiskeys. You need to be hardcore to drink bitter lemon. I’m thinking if someone drinks alcohol they are more likely to gamble. Who know whether that is true and I’m too lazy to see if I can find any research.

The Day My Gran Bet

Thinking about it, Nana Ivy Wales did gamble. I just remembered, so there may be a chance of getting two addicts rather than one. Obviously, that would need building a time machine and going back to the 1970s and 1980s. If such teleportation was available, I wouldn’t mention gambling in any form. Nana Wales enjoyed a game of bingo at the local hippodrome. It was a popular venue. I guess my nan had a few wins. I think she went with her neighbour Mrs. Wing. It’s good to think she got out because a large family of seven children was more than a full-time job. If I was her, I’d have drunk alcohol too. I am pretty sure Nana Polo had a bet on Red Rum who won the Grand National in the 70s. I’m sure that made her day.

How To Turn Your Gran Into An Addict

This is just the theory of turning your gran into a gambling addict. For all I know, your gran is addicted to slot machines, scratch cards, bingo. She may have an addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine. I hope for you and your gran’s sake she doesn’t. It’s a hard life which because of their aged nature they will most likely pass away. Deceased. The police, instead of using the piece of chalk to draw around the body, scribbled down the odds your gran died from gambling, drinking and sniffing drugs until the last. A quick check on their phone reveals an app which tells the story. That last meeting to Gamblers Anonymous missed. Sad times. 

Change The Future Of Your Gran

The moral of the story is to keep an eye on your gran. If you see her gambling too much then make an effort to take her out for a day and have a quiet word. You don’t need to gamble to have a good time. Sometimes drinking bitter lemon is the answer to all life’s ills.

God bless my nans.

Don’t get me started about my grandfathers.

Love you.