Is Being A Successful Gambler All About Money?

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For most people, betting isn’t a serious business when in truth it should be.

Even small losses week in, week out, add up to a sack load of money over time.

You want to win money.

But do you want to lose money?

That’s why it’s important to assess your gambling. Take it seriously. At least as serious as the amount of money you are playing with. Because unless you are serious about your betting you are playing at it. It’s a like a butcher in a supermarket compared to the bloodstained bloke at the abattoir.

A gruesome analogy.

It’s like someone who says a swear word not because they are uneducated but because it gets someone attention.

That bloke just killed a fuc*ing lamb.

I can’t say I’m big on swearing. It’s vulgar but often gritty and true.

Losing money shouldn’t be classed as acceptable or fun.

In truth, the foundation of gambling success has little to do with money. The betting part comes after or not at all if you don’t want it to. Like the person who enjoys a crossword, they simply improve their skills and the result is potentially the success.

I picked that winner and won 10 matchsticks.’

Without a level of knowledge you won’t be winning money gambling. Well, beyond luck. Not even Lady Luck is confident about beating the house edge. In fact, she knows she won’t.

Knowledge takes time to learn. It doesn’t come easy and it shouldn’t do. Those who put in the work might find some level of success. If they are good enough.

I don’t know many people who have made it their life’s ambition to learn a given subject matter. They live for it. However, they are addicted to the pursuit of knowledge and not the gamble.

If you lack knowledge you will lose. The more money you bet the more you will lose. You don’t want to be at that level as you are deceiving yourself. You simply lack because you haven’t put the work in or you don’t have the intellect or capacity to get beyond your average gambler.

Exceptional knowledge is a rare commodity.

You may be saying: ‘Money has something to do with success.’

It does.

Why would someone want to gamble? To win money. You need to win a level of money which outweighs the cost of living. Ideally, you would be making perhaps twice the money you could in a regular job. In theory, you could be winning one hundred times what you were previously earning.

What I am saying is that it gives you an opportunity to win a lot of cash. To live a comfortable life if not be a millionaire.

Very few people have achieved this goal but it happens.

Again, it happens because someone knows more than others. They have a skill which puts them ahead of the opposition.

But here’s the problem for most people. The profit they achieve is minimal. Some may be 1%. So that means you need to bet a lot of money or rinse and repeat the process. Probably better suited to a trader than a conventional gambler as seen betting on an individual horse. But anything is possible. I’m sure there are gamblers out there with a percentage that’s much higher. But if you have a 1% profit that just £10 for every thousand. You’d bet £100,000 to win a grand. You don’t need a fortune to bet such a vast sum because you could do it with perhaps a betting bank of £10,000. But you do need a certain amount of money to bet.

I’ve seen a few naive gamblers consider if they have enough money they are sure to win. The mentality of betting odds on horses thinking it’s a way to print money. Sadly, for them, it still comes down to knowledge and finding value when betting. Without value (a horse or bet is greater odds than it should be) you are destined to lose even if you have a lots of winners.

I had a couple of friends who used to lump on 1/3 shots and it turned out badly long term. They were lacking in everything but money. Then they were lacking money.

Ideally, you will be a gambler who has a level of knowledge and money. I’d advise any would be professional gambler to start betting small money and build up with the layer’s cash.

In truth, it is a difficult and challenging pursuit.

There is much more to it than knowledge or money. You have to cope with emotions.

You have to be a very disciplined gambler to get close. Even some of the most successful gambler in the world have gone through their money. They once had the edge, the knowledge, money but it was a moment in time. The day came when they lacked those skills and it was someone else taking their cash.

Knowledge is power.

Money comes and money goes.

Even the best people have run through their money.

Don’t let that be you.