Is It A Good Idea To Gamble?

Image by vectorpouch on Freepik

The short answer is probably no.

However, like most things, there isn’t a simple answer to why we should gamble or not. Obviously we live in a world where our very existence, opportunities, hopes and dreams are in the balance.

A gamble.

Something we can, with wisdom or blind faith, manipulate for our ends.

We can alter the recipe of serendipity to benefit our very chance of success.

A gamble can be calculated, built on a strong foundation of knowledge.

However, there is a world of difference between a stupid gamble and one which we can have earnest beliefs will prove positive.

Most people consider a gamble as a sports wager as if it is devoid of the larger life at hand. Betting for fun or having a fun bet is a concern for me. For most people who do gamble this is exactly how they bet. It starts with ‘fun’ and may progress to a higher level of understanding to a point of someone achieving the status of a professional gambler. The likelihood of this happening is minimal.

There is a concern and almost inevitability that any new gambler is naive to the potential problems. What is the percentage of punters who fall victim to addiction? I have no idea, but surely one is too many. This is why individuals need to assess the implications of gambling as if you would smoking that first cigarette or taking drugs. It sounds extreme but I feel gambling shouldn’t be viewed as fun.

My personal story about gambling is like any other, starting with exceptional naivety. I have never been a reckless person or bet in a reckless fashion. That is a Godsend. I’ve followed the trusted maxim: ‘Bet what you can afford to lose’. That was the starting point of a life which has seen me bet a couple of grand on an individual horse. From those initial thoughts of interest about horse racing I have worked tirelessly to develop my skills, understanding and knowledge. It’s been a long winding road, and I’m still on that dusty path, heading towards the end of the rainbow. I say that tongue in cheek but it is an ambition to make a lot of money from gambling. I’ve made a substantial amount of money but those skills to build an ultimate knowledge are  progressive and eternal.

Gambling akin to investing shouldn’t be taken lightly. In truth, your success or failure isn’t anything to do with money. It is based on skill. If you cannot appreciate and reason why you have an edge over the layer then you shouldn’t bet. In the short term you can win some and lose some. But long term you need to have the skills which detail you are very likely to be in profit. That knowledge can take decades to learn. You need a real passion to fuel your motivation to learn everything you need to be a successful gambler. If you are simply interested because you feel it is a get rich quick scheme you are sadly mistaken. It is much more interesting to learn the skills to a subject than bet for fun. It isn’t something you should take lightly because it can be detrimental to your life and your family.

Good luck.