Who is Don Johnson, and what unique strategies did he employ to win millions from casinos?

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Don Johnson is a well-known gambler who gained fame for his remarkable winning streaks in various casinos. He is not to be confused with the actor of the same name. Johnson’s gambling exploits, particularly in blackjack, drew attention due to his ability to consistently beat the odds and amass millions from casinos.

One of Johnson’s most unique strategies was his negotiation skills. In 2011, he negotiated a series of highly favorable blackjack game conditions with three different Atlantic City casinos: the Tropicana, the Borgata, and Caesar’s. These conditions included favorable rule variations, such as the casinos using multiple decks but dealing relatively deep into the shoe before reshuffling. Moreover, he convinced the casinos to offer him a significant discount on his losses, essentially reducing his potential risk.

This negotiation tactic, combined with his excellent blackjack skills and a well-practiced card counting technique, gave Johnson a considerable edge over the casinos. Card counting involves keeping track of the ratio of high to low cards remaining in the deck. When the deck was rich in high cards, Johnson would increase his bets, knowing that the odds were in his favor.

Over a span of several months, Johnson managed to win millions from these casinos. His success was remarkable because casinos typically have an edge in most games they offer, ensuring that over time, they make more money than they lose.

Johnson’s approach was unique not only for his gambling prowess but also for his ability to negotiate advantageous terms with casinos, effectively shifting the odds in his favor. His story serves as a reminder that, while casinos hold the advantage, skilled players with strategic thinking can sometimes find ways to turn the tables and walk away with significant winnings.

What’s the story behind Cynthia Jay-Brennan, who won a huge jackpot in Las Vegas but later faced tragic circumstances?

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Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s life took a dramatic turn when she won a massive jackpot in Las Vegas, only to be followed by a series of tragic events. In 2000, Cynthia, a cocktail waitress, visited the Desert Inn Casino with her mother. Playing the Megabucks slot machine, luck smiled upon her as she hit the $34.9 million jackpot – one of the largest slot machine payouts in history.

The jackpot win brought forth immense joy and opportunities for Cynthia. She planned to use her winnings to travel the world and enjoy a comfortable life. However, fate dealt her a cruel hand just a few weeks after her big win. While celebrating her fiance’s birthday, a drunk driver slammed into Cynthia’s car, resulting in a devastating accident that claimed the lives of her sister and fiance, and left Cynthia paralyzed from the chest down.

The accident left Cynthia facing unimaginable loss and a life-altering disability. She used a portion of her jackpot money to cover medical expenses and adapt her living space to accommodate her new circumstances. Despite the immense challenges she faced, Cynthia remained resilient and focused on rebuilding her life.

Cynthia’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of life. Her incredible luck at winning the jackpot was tragically overshadowed by the heart-wrenching accident that followed. Her resilience and determination to move forward in the face of adversity are a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

The story of Cynthia Jay-Brennan is a bittersweet tale of highs and lows, illustrating that even the most fortunate events can be followed by profound hardships. Her experience highlights the importance of cherishing the moments of joy and using them as a source of strength during life’s most trying times.

5 Famous Sportsmen Who Died In Las Vegas

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I’ve never been to Las Vegas. The closest I got was watch Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Plenty of friends have been there for stag parties. I’m not sure if they have a similar number of hen dos. Whether you have been there or not there is little doubt you have heard about Las Vegas. Such is the promotion machine which screams: ‘If you love gambling this is the place to visit.’ I guess I will get there one day. However, as I’m not a brainless gambler I really wouldn’t be sucked into the vacuum cleaner which disrobes so many of the last dollar in their pockets. I’ve written a few articles about Vegas including one titled 1100 Ways to Die in Las Vegas. Relating to the number of people who die there annually. This article will be different in detailing 5 Famous Sportsmen who died in Las Vegas. I guess that means people you would call celebrities. Lets take a look and see.

1) Joe Louis

Considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers. The Brown Bomber competed from 1934 – 1951. In fact, he was world heavyweight champion for over a decade from 1937 – 1949. He was victorious in 25 consecutive world title fights. Louis died in 1981 of cardiac arrest at Desert Springs near Las Vegas just hours after his last public appearance viewing the Larry Holmes – Trevor Berbick heavyweight championship fight.

2) Bob Orton

An American professional wrestler and father of the famous Orton wrestling family including his son Bob junior. Orton, known by many as The Big O. Born in 1929, he died aged 76 in 2006. A good friend of Andre the Giant passed away after suffering multiple heart attacks while living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

3) Sonny Liston

A professional boxer who competed from 1953 – 1970 and gained his heavyweight companionship title in 1962 when he knocked out Floyd Patterson in the first round. Born in 1930, Liston was a tough fighter, with many considering him unbeatable. However he lost his title to Muhammed Ali in 1964. Ali was the underdog and given little hope. The following year they had a re-match and Liston was knocked out in the first round. Some considered the fight a fix. He dies in mysterious circumstances in 1970. He was 40 years old. He died in his Las Vegas home and buried in Paradise Memorial Gardens. From his 54 fights he won 50, with two losses to Ali, Marty Marshal & Leotis Martin. .

4) Travis Claridge

American football star. The offensive lineman played in the NFL for Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers. A big man he weighed 300lb and 6’ 5’’ tall. He played 62 matches in his first four seasons at Atlanta before injuring his knee. He played just 6 games in 2003 and his contract wasn’t extended. He signed with Carolina Panthers but was cut during training camp. He died in 2006 after being found unconscious at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

5) Robert Wangila

Kenyan boxer Robert Napunyi Wangila was a welterweight boxer and gold medalist from the 1988 Summer Olympics. He turned pro in 1989. Sadly, Wangila died from his injuries received in the 1994 fight against David Gonzales in Las Vegas. He was just 27 years old.

How To You Turn Your Gran Into A Gambling Addict

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Clearly, this is written tongue in cheek. I don’t wish for anyone to become a gambling addict, not even my gran. It couldn’t happen as sadly both my grans have passed away. Nana Polo, passed away in her 60s, while Ivy Wales was in her 80s. Both lovely ladies who loved me. As children, or young adults, we often lack understanding, emotions and take things for granted. Perhaps that’s how it should be. Children act like children. Little terrors, all of them!

Did Your Gran Gamble?

To my knowledge, neither gran gambled. Or at least weren’t a regular gambler. The only time I could imagine my grans betting would be on the housewives’ favourite, the Grand National. Nano Polo would have bet her 50p each way. I don’t think Nana Wales would have bet even if William, Hill had knocked on her door with a free bet. She’d have slammed it in his face and said: ‘You’re not turning me into a gambling addict.’ Certainly, my Dad’s side of the family [Nana Polo-Coote] were more gamblers. In fact, they loved a bet. Probably how it got in my blood. I’m thinking out of the two grans, Nana Polo would have been a potential addict.

What’s Your Fancy?

If my grans bet, it was for fun. Never once did I hear them say they had ambitions to be a professional gambler. I doubt many grandchildren have ever heard the words: ‘I’m an elderly lady but I want to become a professional gambler.’ I guess it can happen but not to me. I never remember my Dad saying his mum was a budding gambler. I know my mum’s mum never drank alcoholic. She liked a glass of bitter lemon which is harsher than most whiskeys. You need to be hardcore to drink bitter lemon. I’m thinking if someone drinks alcohol they are more likely to gamble. Who know whether that is true and I’m too lazy to see if I can find any research.

The Day My Gran Bet

Thinking about it, Nana Ivy Wales did gamble. I just remembered, so there may be a chance of getting two addicts rather than one. Obviously, that would need building a time machine and going back to the 1970s and 1980s. If such teleportation was available, I wouldn’t mention gambling in any form. Nana Wales enjoyed a game of bingo at the local hippodrome. It was a popular venue. I guess my nan had a few wins. I think she went with her neighbour Mrs. Wing. It’s good to think she got out because a large family of seven children was more than a full-time job. If I was her, I’d have drunk alcohol too. I am pretty sure Nana Polo had a bet on Red Rum who won the Grand National in the 70s. I’m sure that made her day.

How To Turn Your Gran Into An Addict

This is just the theory of turning your gran into a gambling addict. For all I know, your gran is addicted to slot machines, scratch cards, bingo. She may have an addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine. I hope for you and your gran’s sake she doesn’t. It’s a hard life which because of their aged nature they will most likely pass away. Deceased. The police, instead of using the piece of chalk to draw around the body, scribbled down the odds your gran died from gambling, drinking and sniffing drugs until the last. A quick check on their phone reveals an app which tells the story. That last meeting to Gamblers Anonymous missed. Sad times. 

Change The Future Of Your Gran

The moral of the story is to keep an eye on your gran. If you see her gambling too much then make an effort to take her out for a day and have a quiet word. You don’t need to gamble to have a good time. Sometimes drinking bitter lemon is the answer to all life’s ills.

God bless my nans.

Don’t get me started about my grandfathers.

Love you.

A Statistical Review Of Deaths In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas. Sin City. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Especially if you die while on vacation. Not the most appealing thought. There’s you ready for your holiday. Flying to Nevada. Cash on the hip. Room with a view. Perhaps you have lost all your cash before your demise. You may be held up at gunpoint or beaten to a pulp by a pimp of a prostitute. It’s possible you lost your life’s saving and jumped to your death from the balcony view or blew your brains out with a gun. Some people live life to the full in Las Vegas, while others take their last mortal breath. Let’s take a look at the statistics of the great and the good of deaths in the place where gambling is a new religion.

How Many Deaths In Las Vegas?

In 2014 there were over 40 million visitors who headed to Las Vegas to gamble like never before, enjoy the strip, entertainment and all that stuff. I have images of Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas which taints my mind as a destination for those who want a quiet life. Almost a decade back, Clark County coroner’s office, about 1100 visitors die while in Las Vegas each year. What are the betting odds on that happening to you? In truth, 1100 from 40 million doesn’t sound too bad but it isn’t if you are one of the few who are deceased or leave your family behind wondering what happened. Perhaps these finding with help bring some light on the matter.

The Result Of Accident

I don’t know whether betting a lot of money makes punters clumsy, complacent or prone to falling over balconies but the number of accidents is set an incredible rate. In fact, 67% of the total 1100 died by accident. That’s 737 who died because of an accident. Isn’t a 737 a plane? Not sure if anyone crashed out in a light aircraft or a helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon. I guess that’s happened to a few. I wonder what the general average of deaths in the population is via accident because this seems incredibly high.

Self Inflicted

Sadly some 15% of annual deaths in Las Vegas come from suicide. That means 165 people take their life. We should take some time to consider how people find themselves in such a position they simply give up on life. Especially when they are on vacation, a time most people relax, enjoy life, perhaps with family and friends. But for whatever reason, and their may be many, they become overwhelmed, feel lost, disillusioned to their ultimate demise. This may be due to problem gamblers, substance abuse and financial problems. In the US the most common method of suicide is shooting, overdose, hanging and one of the least likely jumping to their death. Most suicides are impulse decisions and preventable.


You don’t just need to worry about your own well-being but your safety. A scary 11% of deaths in Las Vegas are due to homicide. That’s 121 poor souls who lost their life a the hands of someone. Murder is a dirty word in Las Vegas and some researchers have suggested bad publicity is kept from the press. Even more strange, no cause of death could be found in 6% of deaths.


Las Vegas is a brilliant holiday destination for people across the globe. But along with the good times and possibility of winning there are, as all places, concerns with crime and the impact of gambling on your well-being. The vast majority of tourists have the time of their life and return raving about their experience. Sadly, over 1000 tourists every years do not come home through death whether accident, suicide or homicide. While others are a mystery with no cause of death.