The Slot machine genie, Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Image by pikisuperstar on Freepik

Tommy Glenn spent more than two decades creating strategies for manipulating slot machines, which ultimately brought him financial success. He rose to fame for his clever creations like “the slider” or “monkey’s paw” (he would insert a wire into a slot machine’s payout channel to trick it into hitting the jackpot) and “the light wand” (he would use a camera battery and one light bulb to blind a slot machine’s sensor to trick it into spitting out coins).

How was Tommy’s plan exposed?

The FBI captured Tommy Glenn Carmichael in 2001, and he was later found guilty. He received a sentence of three years of probation and 326 days in jail. He was also put in the “Black Book” of the casino and forbidden from entering.

Changing Scam Methods

The poker video slot machine was one of these solubilities just a few months before Bally and International Game Technology released Tommy from prison. The new gaming system is powered by a microprocessor and an updated random number generator.

Tommy is conscious that he can succeed, but he lacks the necessary funds. He worked part-time and had saved enough money to buy a video poker machine.

The Monkey Paw or Slider

Tommy took his poker video gadget home nearly six months later to analyze and develop a “conquering” strategy. Tommy was ready to put his most recent creation, dubbed “Monkey Paw” or “Slider,” to the test after more than a year of testing.

This one-of-a-kind cheating device is constructed of malleable steel and guitar straps.

If this device is connected to a payment system that accepts coins, the micro-machine switch will be activated, and the gadget will be forced to relinquish its coins.

The Light Wand

The slot machines at the time were updated and monitored frequently, so Tommy had to create a more careful and effective tool. Then he pretended to be a customer looking to purchase one of the newest slot machines.

Tommy asked the casino staffer to open the gadget and show him how it worked. Tommy will have an advantage in creating “The Light Wand,” a different way to rig slot machines, thanks to this.

This instrument, like Monkey Paw, works by being put into the payment channel. The use of the Light Wand briefly disables the slot machine’s sensing equipment, preventing it from determining how many coins have been entered and, as a result, when and how much to pay out to the player.


Tommy Carmichael won’t ever be able to join a casino in the state of Nevada again since the Nevada Games Commission decided to add his name to the Nevada Black Books. “They can’t accept the fact that I treated the problem despite generating little money”, Tommy said in response to their choice.