The Theory Of Becoming A Professional Gambler at Horse Racing

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They say there are three types of gambler: professional gambler, social gambler and the problem gambler.

For many punters, it’s a dream to become a professional gambler. You’ve seen all the big names: Phil Bull, Alex Bird, Dave Nevison, Harry Findlay & Patrick Veitch.

A selection of horse racing gamblers who are well-known for making a lot of cash although, for some, it was fleeting.

Most would-be pro gamblers have enjoyed these publications:

  • Phil Bull: Professional gambler, racehorse owner and publisher. Founded Timeform since 1948.
  • Alex Bird: The Life and Secrets of a Professional Punter (1986)
  • Dave Nevison: A Bloody Good Winner (2007), No Easy Money (2009)
  • Harry Findlay: Gambling For Life: The Man Who Won Millions And Spent Every Penny (2017)
  • Patrick Veitch: Enemy Number One (2010)

A list of exceptional gambling publications.

No wonder many would-be professional gamblers dream of hitting the big time, making a bundle of cash and even enjoying the limelight.

I have been a successful gambler for many years. In fact, I’ve been interested in horse racing since 1986, at the age of 16. My brother and I got into racing from our Dad who loved a bet on a weekend. He wasn’t a big money gambler, a tenner on an each-way Yankee. We took our racing seriously and our niche of two-year-old thoroughbreds. I consider myself an authority within this niche and if someone knows more they are very good. Personally, I have never met anyone within this field who knows more. I don’t say those words to brag. I’m not saying it for any other reason than trying to explain the level you need to achieve and the confidence within.

It never pays to limit others because there are thousands of ways to win and lose money. If someone finds something which makes them money then good for them. Only a loser wants others to lose.

You may question why I have a niche. It’s simple. There simply isn’t enough time to know everything. And you need to understand that you don’t need to. It is better to know more about one thing than a little about everything. The Jack of all trades and master of none. Saying that, if you can make your betting pay then you don’t need me to tell you what works or not.

If you have little experience about what you need to do to make your betting pay then the following information may help you, keep you looking in the right direction, save you time and make you money.

There is no easy route to making your betting pay. No quick way to riches. Also, if your soul aim is the love of money above and beyond the love of horse racing you are unlikely to succeed. Only time and money will tell. If the subject matter doesn’t fill you with passion, enjoyment, intrigue and ambition it will be a long road.

Psychologists say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Realistically, this is just the starting point. It’s like you opening the door to the bookmakers. I’ve spent over thirty years working on my niche of two-year-old horse racing and still learning. It has been a bloody hard road, filled with frustrations, disappointment, learning hard lessons but moments of great joy, financial success and ambition. My passion is still as strong today as it was bad in the day.

It needs to be.

This year has been a challenge. Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Although I am very confident I won’t lose money on any given year. But there is a need to win good money. All the time and effort to endeavour to win can be a sacrifice. You don’t want to be working for a minimum wage. You could find yourself in the red. And if you don’t know enough you will lose. It’s not about being the best on planet Earth but it is about being better than most.

You can fool yourself but long term results will either show you a profit or a loss and that is the truth.

Each and every result tells you the answer to the question. Listen to what those winner are saying. They detail the truth of what it takes to win. As every loser details the negative. Don’t let winners and especially losers pass by without assessment or judgement. You will be selling yourself short.

You are investing time and money.

You can earn more money but you can’t make more time, so use it wisely. You will win or lose based on your knowledge. It has nothing to do with money. Skill is skill. Knowledge is power. It’s the key to making you hard-earned cash.

You wouldn’t want to bet on fixed odds because long term you cannot win.

Skill is the difference between you and the layer (who takes your bet). Is it possible you know more? It is. But also it needs to be the case. Gambling isn’t something you want to play with. Don’t bet for fun. Don’t create bad habits because they will drive you crazy, waste your time and cost you money. This happening may disappointment you so much you give up.

You can make money gambling but you need to be confident in your knowledge. The reason, when things go wrong, and at times they will, you will need to keep strong, hold your nerve and keep control of your emotions with exceptional discipline.

If you start losing the plot you will lose.

The problem with the journey of a professional gambler is that you will not see many of the problems until they slap you in the face. It takes years of experience to appreciate the good, bad and ugly. Even then you are still learning. Your progress in learning those winning ways will need to be slow and progressive. Push too hard and you will destroy what you have and all the good work may be lost.

Reinforce the positives. Eradicate the negatives.

You may just achieve your goal of being a professional gambler.

But remember the skill part comes before the money.

Good luck.