Tommy Glenn Carmichael, a well-known casino con artist

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A slot machine with its electronic insides exposed stands on two green milk crates in the rear of a strip mall workplace like a patient on a treatment table.

The man in front of the equipment, 53-year-old Tommy Glenn Carmichael, has a special and valued talent:

“I’ll defeat a slot machine if you give it to me.”

No two-bit slot machine robber steals from Carmichael. He was a brilliant inventor who worked with a select group of thieves to steal thousands from casinos, earning the title “one of the greatest” from the authorities.

Carmichael spent nearly two decades creating the tools he used to loot casino machines around the United States and the Caribbean, including the kickstand, monkey paw, and light wand.

He conned the casino security with the same ease as he conned the machines. As mysterious as a triple seven, he was.

guilty of slot fraud Carmichael is referred to as “a legend” by Jerry Criner. “When it comes to creating cheating tools, he has the best inventiveness.”

The adjective is undisputed by the police.

During the 1980s

It’s 1980. Carmichael, 30, is sitting at his Tulsa television repair business, Ace TV Sales and Repair, when he is interrupted by an old acquaintance named Ray Ming who is now living in Las Vegas. Carmichael received a gift from Ming.

In his trunk, Ming kept a “top-bottom joint,” the pinnacle of cheating devices 20 years ago, along with a Bally’s slot machine.

We began playing around, Carmichael said. I could see that it was quite easy.

Carmichael had recognized his aptitude for deceit.

He decided to close the repair shop straight away. Carmichael, a native of Tulsa who resembled a young Johnny Cash and had thick brown hair, succumbed to the pull of Las Vegas. He went to Sin City with his fourth wife.

He started by stealing a 5-cent slot machine close to the Las Vegas Strip and made a brash exit while carrying $35 worth of nickels in his pockets.

He said, “You think you’re going to have automobiles and boats.” “You know, the American Dream.”

Getting Caught at Last

The group had been at the peak of its popularity for more than four years before Tommy and his fellow members traveled to the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas at the end of 1996.

Tommy’s new unidentified surveillance cameras can see beyond crooks who hide from other cameras.

Security personnel ran towards Tommy and caught him after he used a Light Wand gadget to activate the machine.

Tommy was found guilty of employing, possessing, and removing cheating technology this time. Tommy was released less than 24 hours after being arrested because the evidence was insufficient to keep him locked up for much longer.

The Conclusion

The Protector, its most popular product, was designed to prevent the use of any fraudulent gadgets, which are still in use today. Tommy makes a failed attempt to sell his innovations to casinos.