What Do The Results Tell Us?

You see the result of the 4:15 Newmarket.

There’s a first, second, third…

If you look at the full result you see the first to last. You are most likely searching to see where your horse finished. Happy if you backed the winner. Palatable if your fancy was placed. Perhaps joy if you lay a horse to lose and it finished tailed off.


Have you ever stopped to think what the result is telling you?

It’s telling you the TRUTH.

Whether you like the result, believe it is fair or consider it was once in a million chance it is a fact.

Somehow that 100/1 winner proved that fact.

Many punters may have lost but some proved victorious.

A fact is a fact. Whether we wish to accept that point is a matter for the individual. However, it makes sense to see any result as being something we can learn from. Winner to loser is trying in earnest to tell you the truth.

Why should we listen?

The result of any horse race or skill-based wager is, in truth, pointing us in the right direction. Ever winner holds those key ingredients which shine through for all successes. If we can appreciate those factors, we have the wisdom to find more winners.

It’s the same for losers.

If we can start to learn which makes a loser we can appreciate which other horses may lose.

To understand what makes a winner or a loser will never be an easy task. It is an individual pursuit of ultimate achievement and something we strive to learn. How you go about using results can be many and varied. You may look from a global or specific viewpoint. For example, from an individual horse trainer we can learn so much from statistical analysis. In truth, where do the winners start and end? To understand this information we have a real way of assessing knowledge of true worth. It is as much a fact as the result of any given race. Reinforce the positive and observe the negatives.

The result of any race is a fact. It is a truth. We may wish to ignore it or regard it as an anomaly. However, it can help guide our thoughts, understanding and knowledge.

As regarding horse trainer analysis, any horse can defy the statistics. It may happen in the short or long term. While we may bank on this information remaining the same and help find winners and losers it is likely to be disproved at some time.

All we can do is deal with the facts.

By there very nature, every winner – whatever price – details value.

Value is key to our success as punters. Skill-based knowledge hold within the potential of value. Either as a winner or loser.

Fixed odds doesn’t. The only value perhaps card counting or the act of blatant cheating.

At the end of the day gambling offer opportunity but in truth needs ultimate responsibility.

If you do not appreciate the truth of gambling via winners and losers or the potential loss in your pocket you are doing yourself a disservice.

Your results tell a story too.

Be objective, observe.

Photo: Pixabay (free)