What Does It Take To Become A Professional Gambler?

I’m peculiar. I’m obsessive. Once I get interested in something I just can’t stop until I’m the best.’

Perhaps some people would see that mindset as a little too full on.

However, I would class it as a strength. In fact, if you want to be a professional gambler you need to be obsessed with everything you do.

Many punters have the thought of being a professional gambler. Who wouldn’t like the idea doing your own thing, of making easy money, a jet-set lifestyle and all the trappings that come with a touch of mystique.

James Bond doesn’t even gamble. Well, not professionally.

In truth, being a pro gambler isn’t an easy task. I doubt you thought it was but most people have ambitions of achieving elusive goals without too much work. It’s like online entrepreneurs with shiny object syndrome. They love the latest gadget, buzzword, software but simply head straight toward the next even shinier object. Each to their own, hey.

To become a professional gambler is even more difficult.


Because, realistically, no one who knows a stuff is going to be your mentor, sell you something worth having in a course or software that really could change your life from rags to riches.

It might be possible, but it really isn’t likely at all. In fact, the person selling you the ‘info’ is more interested in your money going straight in their pocket than yours going down the chute.

Yes, I’m far too critical of these ‘well meaning on-liners who love to dress up as Leprechauns each weekend and go to a Bernie Inn for a good meal at your expense’. You know, that £15 you invested doesn’t get you much info.


If I asked which sport would you like to be a pro gambler I wonder what you would say.

Jack of all trades?

One favourite sport, your niche.

I recently watched a video on YouTube about a supposed ‘professional gambler’ and this bloke saying he bet big money on this that and the other. I watched a third of the first of four videos and switched it off.

I thought what is all this about.

The idea that a real pro gambler would be betting on a multitude of sports including politics was absurd to me.

Jack of all trades and master of none.

Not one.

The individual didn’t register to me as someone who knew much at all. A rich bloke with money to lose trying to fool people that betting big money means they are a professional gambler. Whether you bet big money or not isn’t, in my opinion, a definition of a pro gambler. Knowledge is based on what’s in your brain not what’s in your pocket. I’ve seen many people saying if only they had enough money they could be a pro gambler. The theory being that if they bet on giant odds on bets they would be guaranteed to make easy money.

As Dave Nevison once said: ‘No easy money!’

I knew a couple of friends about 35-years ago (in their late teens if not early twenties) had the same idea. Bet a grand on a 4/7 on the National Hunt and just pick up the winnings £571.40. Not too surprisingly, they aren’t pro gamblers today. They gave up that ghost about 6-months after trying to be Phil Bull and Alec Bird. They weighed a bit less too. A couple pound in cash.

There is no easy route to winning money gambling. You may be all smiles if you are a cheat but even Tommy Glenn Carmichael realised all that glittered wasn’t gold when he got locked up.

Just because you cannot see the competition it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You could see Usain Bolt breaking world records. Did you have a thought about being a high-performance athlete? Beyond that think you could win at national level, let alone European and World.

Gambling is the same.

The opposition will eat you alive if you aren’t up to scratch.

You need to learn before you even place a bet. A wise man would bet with matchsticks for the first three years.

You think I’m joking!

The money in your pocket means nothing to your success gambling.

It’s your knowledge which counts. If you don’t understand your subject matter, don’t have an opinion, confident in your thoughts and will to put your money where your mouth is then it tells me something.

You don’t know enough.

Even knowing enough (more) might not be good enough.

You don’t have to be the best on planet Earth. You’re not representing the Milky Way. But you need to be better than most. You need to know your niche better than anyone you know. You need to listen to people and within two sentences say to yourself: ‘They don’t know much’. Not that it matters what anyone knows. You are interested in bettering yourself for yourself.

Because you need to be bloody good to win any money at this game.

Also, you need to enjoy what you are doing. The subject matter must be your passion and your motivation. Gambling can be stressful, demoralising, frustrating and an emotional roller-coaster from start to finish. You will encounter problem after problem, gains as slow as slow and you will be tested to the maximum.

You will not even imagine some of the difficulties you will face until you meet that fork in the road. If you have one question to answer you will find more and all of this takes time.

No kidding, you could spend a decade trying to amass the information to get you to the starting line.

There are no guarantees but a plethora of obstacles.

The good side is that you are doing something you ‘enjoy’ (it won’t feel like that for much of the time), you have the opportunity to win a lot of money, tax free. Your journey will lead you to many places and give you the opportunity to meet many people.

You will need to be professional. Well rounded as an individual. Logical. Brave. Determined. Ambitious.

Ultimately…you need to be a winner.

Good luck.

Photo: Pixabay (free)