When Reader Marks Your Casino Post As Spam

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You never know who is reading your post.

In an ideal world you want someone to enjoy your carefully crafted article. The more traffic the merrier. But you may get that corrosive person who is anti gambling. Who feels you are there to take advantage of everyone who may be naive to the consequences of a flutter. They’ll be sucked in one end of the line and thrown out the other penniless and brainwashed.


I guess in theory this could happen.

I find it irritating that someone could just turn up and read a post and then say they will contact Google defining it as spam. I can understand such a mindset if it turns up in your email and unsolicited. I’ve done it myself when I’ve been added to a list I didn’t subscribe. But to see an article on a website and view it as spam just seems to me like the action of someone with too much time on their hands. Someone who is as corrosive as they may be well meaning.

Who knows?

It disappoints me how gambling is viewed. When compared to drinking alcohol which seems to be normalised as though its a laugh. You buy a birthday card and it has someone on the front with a giant pint of beer. It reminds you of your cousin so you buy it and it’s one big laugh. You have only to see all the isles in supermarkets to realise why no one wants to make too much of a fuss about drinking. There’s so much money to be made from alcohol that any number of wasted lives or lives lost is fair game. What percentage of people in A & E every weekend are related to alcohol?  It’s only when you want to bet on who is going to succumb to drink first that it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth of the drinker, seller or public.

I believe in freedom of speech and responsibility.

If people fall victim to gambling or drink or drugs then the major part of the harm and responsibility is themselves. I’m sure a lot of readers will see this as wrong, harsh or untrue. But where do you place the blame on anything if it is there to be considered? I just couldn’t help myself. I’m addicted to robbing banks. Poor soul. He wasn’t himself when he walked into the bank with a sawed off shotgun. He was compelled to do it. It’s beyond his control. I can imagine the judge would listen to those words and lock the person up for even longer.

If someone has a problem then they need to find the strength to get help because if they can’t then who is to blame? You can only do so much. All these self help books. I just can’t stop buying them. I feel compelled to buy them. I just don’t think they should be sold any more to anyone as they are akin to getting people hooked on crack cocaine.

There’s a good reason I don’t take meths. I decided I didn’t want to get involved in drugs. The same reason I don’t drink too much or bet what I can’t afford to lose.

Sure some people kind of find themselves in a position. We all need help at times.

I don’t know who marked the post as spam.

They clearly have a reason for doing it. Perhaps they had a gambling problem and just see the danger involved.

I would feel slightly strange marking a post on a website as spam.

If it is not your thing then keep away from casino articles or gambling websites.

There are millions of things on the internet we could take offence to clearly those things which are illegal should be marked or detailed to the authorities.

But doing so to an article about gambling shouldn’t happen.