Why Be A ‘Celebrity Punter’

Each to their own. Classic last words. Perhaps.

Social media influencer. TV. Radio. Podcast. There are plenty of platforms for those who want to be in the limelight. I guess those of an audio nature just deliver sound bites, hey. I can imagine most ‘celebrity punters’ are looking for ways to make money. I can’t blame them for wishing to monetise their knowledge. You see hundreds and thousand on YouTube making vast sums of money. I know what you are thinking and saying: ‘They don’t do anything special.’ In fact, most knowledgeable people know more.

As Simon Cowell would say: ‘It’s all about the X-factor.’

Celebrity punters’ are out there. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… I don’t know all the platforms.


Do they live up to the reputation, fall short or chancers?

I could name a few names. You know who I mean. One in particular on Twitter and YouTube.

The horse racing world is a pretty small niche when it comes to the popularity stakes. Where Rate My Takeaway can get hundreds of thousands of subscribers the likes of Mr. Berry, perhaps 100,000. I haven’t looked to check. It really doesn’t interest me to listen to many ‘celebrity punters’ in all their forms.


Because I simply work on myself and in my niche of 2yo horse which – even though I say it myself – I know more than anyone else. Sounds like the kind of bloke who needs to be a ‘celebrity punter’ if not influencer.

To be fair, unless being in the public eye makes a lot of money, I’d rather be a mysterious shadow or someone who simply pleases myself.

No doubt if someone come along and said: ‘I will give you ‘hell and all money’ to have an opinion I would give it serious consideration.

Time will tell.

I would much rather be interested in my own world, not reliant or need to please others and the pressure or hassle which comes from being in the social media.

For many of those trying to get to a point of being a name it can be a difficult path. You have a swarm of trolls to hassle you or the odds nutcase who thinks he’s saving the world from ‘you’ because he thinks you’re selling tips for horses without legs.

As the song goes: ‘People are strange when you’re a stranger…’

I’d rather show most people the door.

I don’t think there is much demand for ‘celebrity punters’ because there really isn’t the demand.

Dave Nevison has always come across as a decent bloke and I enjoyed his publications. A Bloody Good Winner (2007). An absolute gem of a book. He kind of served his apprenticeship and evolved into a ‘celebrity punter’.

I’m sure they would much prefer making lots of money gambling without the need to be on TV but money talks and I don’t knock anyone for earning a living.

Harry Findlay is a mouthy character with an opinion. I can’t knock the man as he’s gambled all his life and had the ups and downs. I’m not sure he’s my kind of personality as I am a pretty quiet and reserved person but we can learn something from everyone. I’ve yet to read his publication Gambling For Life (2017) but looking forward to it. 

I take my hat off to anyone who ‘Bets like a man’. It takes some balls.

In truth, I like the quiet life and keeping myself and my knowledge to myself. Sure, I’d help anyone on their journey and point them in the right direction. I have done and still do. But whether I’d enjoy being a ‘celebrity punter’ I don’t think so. All that glitters isn’t gold and I think unless you are very clever you may replace one problem with another.

Sometimes it is better to let someone else answer the question. Not because they know more. Simply because it can often save you problems you don’t need. 

Often it’s better to live your own quiet life and let the populous consider what, when and where.

Good luck.

Photo: Coote 2022